Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Updated: May 2018

Core Values of Flyin Portman:

1.) Portman Pride
2.) Allegiance (Teamwork)
3.) Integrity (Self Discipline)
4.) Respect the Love of Online Gaming

Listed above is our listed core values that all current & future members are “Expected” to follow while part of Flyin Portman Organization. We have created these core values to follow day to day to become a world wide recognized gaming community. Following the core values of FPm Organization we have placed together creates our overall foundation of the Terms & Conditions.

Flyin Portman Organization Motto:
W. I. N. G. S.
“With Integrity and Nobility as Gamers we soar!”

Account Security
Account security is extremely sensitive to our community and all profiles information is considered personal and confidential to each member. We will not tolerate the sharing of any information (ex: log in, passwords, gamer tags, token codes, etc). If you feel you account has a breach of security, YOU are required to notify Admin immediately to take immediate action. Click here for full: Confidentiality Agreement

Any participation through any resource or page within www.flyinportman.com is strictly voluntary usage among the member and he/she agrees to Tenn. Code §§ 50-1-1001 to -1004. Any participation to upload material (images, quotes, etc.) to FlyinPortman.com insists you will be waiving any and all legal, financials, & royalties that you may own. This material or content immediately becomes the property of FPm Organization. All rights are subject to usage, but not limited to: advertising, promoting, marketing’s, examples, etc. In any reason material is deemed offensive Admin has all rights to delete immediately without notice.

Legacy Membership Promise:
Effective March 1st, 2016. 1st 100 current active memberships (The Legacy Membership promise Does NOT include members who have left before March 1st, 2016.) will have an exclusive FREE Legacy Membership. Legacy Membership will include full access to Gamer Alias throughout all platforms, Forums & Reviews, and an additional 10% off first order of any apparel (Excluding Clearance & Markdown Items) associated with Flyin Portman Organization. Service fees that may be associated with 3rd party subscriptions will NOT be included with Legacy Memberships.

Flyin Portman Membership:
Outside the Legacy Membership window any member is subject to any yearly fees to continue exclusive membership access. These fees will be updated and posted on a tier membership basis. No reason will we increase a tier fee within the middle of timeframe of membership. Any questions please contact Admin.

Tier Memberships:
Legacy Membership (Please see above for rules & regulations)
Platinum Membership: $50 (Yearly Subscription)
Gold Membership: $30 (6-Month Subscription)

Limited Promo Memberships: Limited Quantity
Silver Membership $30 (3-Month Subscription)

Donations will be tracked as an independent contribution. Donation will be used to assist in covering the maintenance, construction, security, promotional, or any other intended purpose decided by FPm Organization. Donation tier leveling may change at anytime without notice based on needs of the FPm Organization.

Please note that all purchases, donations, and compensation of any kind for any reason to FPm Organization is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please email Admin for additional information

Member Categorization:

Term to describe the overall unity & loyalty of all members within the FPm Organization. With specific categorization (Fleets) each gamer will choose the specific category (Division) in which he/she would like to be independently member to help describe their gaming style, attributes, & genre. Note: Specific fleets may require individual acceptance due to purpose and design of Division.
Divisional Fleet:
Pre-existing Clan or Guild that flies independently representing FPm Organization banner and adhering to the same terms & conditions, all while retaining sovereignty. Leadership of the Divisional Fleets must maintain a minimum K5 or above rank within Flyin Portman rank structure.
Each Divisional Fleet may have their individual code of conduct. Not all members of each Fleet will become members of FPm Organization. Divisional Fleet will show and demonstrate our core values and they will receive full support of the FPm organization. All benefits supplied through FPm Organization are only issued to current and active members only. Any reason a Divisional Fleet is deemed in violation of any policy, procedure, and/or code of conduct, a member of Royalty may ask for dismissal of either the member of the Fleet and/or entire Fleet dismissal. Please refer to Violations section of the Terms and Conditions for further assistance.
In house divisions FPm organization have created to assist in organizing current members to be like characteristics, attributes, gaming style, & genre. Each fleet must have 1 leader minimum of K5 or above.

Profile (Alias) Guidelines:
All names selected for profiles must be appropriate for all audiences. For any reason your name is deemed offensive we will ask you to change it. Voluntary name changes are available for up to 30 days after your membership has been approved unless otherwise specified by Flyin Portman Administration. NOTE: Please refrain from changing your name multiple times. This makes it difficult for other players determining actual players. Any member that is promoted within the FPm Organization leadership may require you download an application on their device for the sole purpose of communication. Name of application is subject to change depending on leadership preference. Please use your profile alias to create an easier method of other members to determine authenticity.

Profile “Flyin” Addition:
To add “Flyin” to your current or future profile name, request must be submitted to Admin prior to adding to profile name. Approval may take up to 48 hours. Upon approval please note you will be held to a higher standard in regards to our vision. All certifications must be passed before approval will be considered.

Guild Creation “Flyin Portman”:
Under no circumstance shall a member of The Flyin Portman be allowed to create a guild or group within FPm Organization without specific and written authorization from the appropriate leadership within their respected house hierarchy. Current members are allowed to join other clans/guilds/group outside of Flyin Portman on terms of NOT receiving any compensation (Currency, Apparel, etc) or donations for any reason. Any questions or concerns please contact Admin.

Event Disclosure:
Royalty & Admin Event Disclosure:
All attendees of FPm Organization when attending any outside function (events, promotions, community gatherings, marketing research gatherings, etc.) must be business ready upon arrival. Business ready includes but not limited to Flyin Portman apparel shirt or solid black (no print) polo, khaki colored pants or like new jeans (no holes or stains), along with preferred lanyard.

Gentry Event Disclosure:
All attendees of FPm Organization when attending any outside function (events, promotions, community gatherings, marketing research gatherings, etc.) will be based of preference per event. Gentry are not required to have any specific dress code other than lanyard unless otherwise stated by Royalty/Admin.

Job Description:
All positions within FPm Organization have brief description of general outlook. All positions may and will have additional responsibilities and not limited to only what is stated. Other duties may vary based on the needs of the business.

Promotion or Stretch Assignment
All promotions & stretch assignments are based on commitment and efforts in assistance as needed. All stretch assignments are temporarily based on reports and factual information received through the assignment. Stretch assignments will not have a designated time frame unless otherwise stated by Admin.

Certification through Learning Centre:
To be added in future expansions.

Creativity Ideas:
Please submit any ideas, comments, or content in an email to Admin. Please keep in mind that any and all information and/or content submitted to FPm Organization immediately becomes the property of FPm Organization and its business privacy policy. All comments, ideas, and content, will be addressed within 48 hours of submission. We constantly strive to better our organization and reward individuals who help us achieve this goal.

Voluntary Dismissal:
FPm Organization procedure for voluntary dismissal must be followed completely for any consideration of future re-entry. If procedure is not followed to the fullest, re-entry is decided based on previous membership status. Process of Voluntary Dismissal is to email Admin with brief statement of reason of dismissing membership.

Complaints & Violations
One member of corresponding Admin or Royalty will be appointed to oversea & investigate requested complaint/concern for possible appeal. Admin / Royalty can require a meeting between individual member, associated members, and/or involved group/parties if needed.

List of Violations:

1.) Account Security & Privacy Policy (Appeal* not available)
Due to type of content FPm Organization gathers from members & non-members any information disclosed outside the organization is a clear violation of the Privacy Policy of FPm Organization. Any information that is released outside the organization will lead to termination to possibility of prosecution by law.

2.) Diversity Violation (Appeal* not available)
Due to the vision of the FPm Organziation of becoming a worldwide connection for all gamers, please be considerate to all members in/out of the organization. Please refrain from any comments or suggested remarks around age, gender, racism, sexism, ageism, etc within our emails, forums, in-game connections, or other means of connecting through any resource we supply or 3rd party methods. Violations towards respect in the diversity guideline will not be tolerated and may result permanent dismissal from the organization with no appeal process.

3.) Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Appeal* is available.)
Unsportsmanlike / Harassing takes place when an individual uses bad language, taunts, gestures, and innuendos. The aforementioned examples are simply used as a guide. These may not be the ONLY forms of unsportsmanlike conduct and/or harassment.

4.) Hacking & Cheating (Appeal* is available)
This includes to all forms of system or code modification that gives an individual an unfair advantage over other players. This also includes but not limited to glitching, boosting, or exploration of “bugs”. The aforementioned examples are simply used as a guide. These may not be the ONLY forms of hacking and cheating.

5.) Other Violations (Appeal* is available)
Any an all violations that do not fall under the aforementioned categories shall be considered categorized under “other violations”. These violations are mostly infractions that contrast with the Core Values stated or in clear violation of the overall vision of FPm Organization. These violations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. All violations & interpretations of such category are the sole discretion of FPm Organization administration. The aforementioned list of violations should be viewed only as a guideline.

All appeals must be processed within 30 days of dismissal from FPm Organization. All associated parties must email Admin within allocated timeframe in order to be considered for re-entry. All appeals are re-evaluated to the fullest unless otherwise stated based on termination offense. An organized leadership meeting will be conducted and unanimous decision is needed for re-entry. Minimum of 3 leaders must be available in order for such meeting to be considered.